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Software Tools (Developed for RAPIDware Project)


A prototype language that extends Java with behavioral reflection.

Adaptive Java (source)
Adaptive Java (classes)
Adaptive Java (source and classes)

Required software: CUP Parser Generator for Java


Meta-morphic sockets in Java that enable dynamic adaptation in existing Java applications with minimum modification.

Utilities required for MetaSockets

Related software: Swarmcast 1.0 (for FEC)

ACT (Adaptive CORBA Template)

A framework that enables interoperation among otherwise incompatible middleware frameworks.


Related Software: Quality Objects (QuO), Orbacus

TRAP/J (Transparent Reflective Aspect Programming in Java)

A toolkit for generating application-specific adaptation infrastructure and weaving the infrastructure into an existing Java application transparently with respect to the application source code.

TRAP/J Homepage

Related Software: Java development toolkit (SDK), Eclipse platform, AspectJ plugin.